In the beginning…


Paphos Fort

It’s always difficult knowing where to start with the very first post of a new blog! I suppose the best way to begin is with a little background, which will hopefully give some idea of what this blog is about, and where it’s heading.

For a few years now, we’ve been contemplating a move to Paphos, Cyprus. Why Cyprus? Well, we have visited the island numerous times over the years, and love it, and we wanted to escape the rat race and escape to the sun and a simple life. We almost made it a few years ago, when Keith, my other half, went for a job interview there following our redundancy from a previous job. Although he didn’t get the job it stuck in our minds that we really needed to make this move.

After a couple more years without jobs, and trying to start our own businesses, we decided it was time to make that move. Fortunately (or unfortunately, whichever way you want to look at it) I managed to get a full time job, so that put paid to our plans for a little while. Now a couple more years further on, we are making those plans again.

The house is now for sale, and a mass de-cluttering exercise is in progress. Lots of things have already been sold, given away, charity shopped, ebayed, dumped, with quite a bit still to go, but we’re getting there. Very cleansing!

We are not going to be totally idle when we arrive in our new country. Continuing on from the business I was running here in the UK, I will be doing something involving photography, but also another enterprise yet to be started, and selling these items at craft fairs. All very exciting!

So, a new update will be coming along soon. I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings and looking at the images!


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