Looking back

Agios Georgios

Agios Georgios

I am unable to look back too far at the moment, as my older photographs are from film days and are all stored in paper wallets in a box, waiting to be scanned in (a job for when we have more time on our hands, maybe!), so we’ll have to make do with images from 2012, when we almost made it over but plans were put on hold when I managed to get a new job. In fact I started work only a couple of weeks after arriving back from our second trip to Cyprus in 2012! I had applied to this company a few months earlier and had been unsuccessful, but they kept my CV on file and a new post had become available while I was away, so I received the email on my return asking if I was still interested.

We travelled to Cyprus in January and July of 2012, the first trip for ten days and the second for two weeks. The January trip was also a bit of a treat for our 30th anniversary, even though we had been out of work for some time. We had put some money aside for this, but it was also intended to be a recce trip with a view to moving over later in the year. We only had a car for a few days, and the rest of the time we used public transport or walked. The hotel apartment was a little out of the way, but we managed. It was, however, not a very nice place. Quite cold and damp, with mould stains on the ceilings. We muddled through.

This is a selection of the images I took on that visit.



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