The wait is over!

So, we have arrived in Cyprus! Again, I’ve left it quite a long time between posts, but events did speed up somewhat once we had sold the house in the UK. We continued to sell and clear out stuff, and the house started to look a lot more tidy and empty. With the buyers having most of the furniture, there was little else to sell, but we did manage to get rid of it all in the end, even if we had to sell for next to nothing. We decided in the end not to bring the car, so that went to – we probably would have got more selling privately, but we wanted to be sure of it going in good time before we left.

The house sale progressed OK, and we completed at the end of October, as planned. The removal men came to pack our belongings on the 30th October and our flight was 2nd November, so in between we spent one night at a local hotel, went back to the house ready for the sale completion, then we spent our last two nights with friends, and they drove us to East Midlands airport for our flight on the Sunday morning. Trying to decided what to bring with us was a mammoth task, and we ended up with five suitcases between us. It’s bad enough trying to decide what to take on a two-week holiday, let alone bringing enough to last two to three months, and trying to think what we might need with us, and what can be packed for shipping.

We arranged temporary accommodation here for one month, to give us time to look around for somewhere permanent, but we ended up choosing an apartment within the first week of arrival and moved in at the beginning of December. This was an area we had scouted out last May when we came over, as it looked like a nice development in a nice area. As it turned out, we should have spent a bit more time looking round, as this place was not all we thought. The managing agent said it would be cleaned before we moved in, but it was quite dirty and we spent a whole day cleaning it from top to bottom (and still could not make it super-clean), which is not what we had envisaged. It is also quite a large space and therefore quite cool in the evenings – partly, I think, as it also feels quite damp. It was advertised as ‘luxury’ and ‘fully furnished’, but there is minimal furniture provided, and it certainly cannot be described as luxury – the furniture they have provided is stuff I would have donated to charity, or taken to the dumpit site! We have therefore looked around and will be moving again in January, to a much nicer apartment, with an incredible sea view.

We do seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time shopping, mostly due to the fact that we have very few things with us until our stuff arrives from the UK, and also that the apartment is not very well equipped with items that appear to be provided in other properties we have since looked at. So we are trying to manage with what we have to hand. We did buy a bed (second hand) as the one in the apartment was awful, and we also bought a washing machine and dishwasher for the same reason, but the new apartment already has a decent washing machine, and there is currently no plumbing for a dishwasher, and it has decent beds, so that money could have been saved if we’d looked at other places to see what was available for the money. We have had the rent reduced slightly, but it’s too little, too late. We will have to work out what to do once we are in the new place. We can either store the existing items, or sell the stuff we’ve bought.

Luckily, Christmas was not the disaster it could have been, as we were invited by some friends to their house for lunch, which was very nice. They provided and cooked most of the food, but we took along a beef fillet joint, a Christmas pudding, and some other goodies, and we even managed to eat outside, as it was a lovely day. We managed to stay longer than expected, as they have a dog and cat and Keith is allergic to animal fur, so we did quite well in the end.

The weather is another story – it has been lovely and warm since we arrived, with a few rainy days, some with incredible thunderstorms. Locals are in trousers and long sleeves, but having not yet acclimatised, we are still in shorts and tee-shirts most of the time. It does get cold in the evenings, but we now have a couple of calor gas heaters to take the chill off, there being no central heating in most buildings. You can use the air-con units as heaters, but they cost a fortune to run, and electricity is not cheap here.

So, there is lots more to tell, but I’ll leave it there for now. What I could have written about the trials and tribulations of this apartment would have taken all day, so suffice to say we are moving out in a few weeks and things can only get better. Then we can relax, settle in, and get on with our new lives. We have been informed that our shipment of belongings should be loaded into the container in mid-January, so should arrive after we have moved into the new place.

Here are some images from the past few weeks since we arrived (hover mouse over images for a description).


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