Six months on

Well, we are slowly settling in to our new life in the sun! After moving to our new apartment we felt a lot better, but then all our stuff arrived from the UK and we soon realised that we did not have enough room. In contrast to the first apartment, the landlord in this place has provided far more than we need, and we have had difficulty hiding it away in order to make room for our own things. We had to buy a few pieces of furniture, as there wasn’t anywhere for the dozens of books we have, and the kitchen is a little lacking in cupboard space. Even though there is lots of storage in the living area and bedrooms, it is mostly taken up with the landlord’s things, some of which is old and worn and we much prefer to use our own items. With this in mind, we decided to take advantage of the six-month option on our lease, and started looking for another place to rent.

We went up to the rental agent and told them our predicament, and we went out the next day to look at several properties. We did want to stay in the same village, as we now have two couples that have become good friends living nearby, but there was nothing suitable. We tried to imagine how each property would feel as a long-term home, rather than feeling like a holiday property, which appears to be the case with an apartment, so we ended up deciding on a detached villa with private pool in another nearby area. We did not really want our own pool, as they take some time and expense to look after, but the house was so nice, and we got a good deal on the rent, so we decided this was the one. Time will tell if it will be the perfect ‘forever home’.

We finally started to go out to do some serious birdwatching, with a couple of trips to the Akrotiri salt lake area, and also several places around Paphos. We have seen lots of good birds, both on our trips out and about, and around the apartment, simply by sitting on the balcony. There have been lots of birds passing through on migration and some good resident birds too. I will have to put together a list when I have time!

It’s been nice trying out new places to eat, as well as our favourite, Laona in Paphos town. There is a lovely restaurant at the nearby Sea Caves area, and another beach bar not too far from our current apartment. Both have delicious food and a great atmosphere, but they are not too far from our new place so we can still visit. Peyia, where we are moving to in a few weeks, also has lots of good eating places – if only we could afford to eat out more often!

The weather is now improving after the cold winter we’ve had. Bedding is now reduced to a sheet and a light blanket and we have had to fit a mesh to the window so that we can have a window open at night without the mozzies getting in. We are also burning mozzie repellents in the evening. I have been troubled with many bites, but they seem to be leaving me alone now, at least I hope so.

While we were searching for some suitable furniture, I discovered there was a second-hand shop in Paralimni, right over on the eastern side of the island, and we decided to take a trip there and also visit nearby Ayia Napa where we stayed a few times when we used to come on holiday. The furniture shop turned out to be rubbish, so we drove to Cape Greco, where we used to do a lot of birding, and had a wander round there. We then drove on to Ayia Napa in the hope of getting something to eat, but a lot of places were still closed for the winter and it just seemed too touristy and gaudy, so we drove on, ending up in Larnaca. We have been here in the past, but not for any great length of time, so it was good to wander the streets and discover new places – and a nice taverna. Certainly we will be back sometime.

I’ll try and update more often. Meanwhile here are some images taken over the past few months – hover mouse over image for description.


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